Md. Zayeed Bin Alam


Md. Zayeed Bin Alam completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and then Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Dhaka. His research revolves around understanding the psychological, neuro-cognitive, and immunological impact of cancer and its medical treatment. Over and above, he serves people with various neurological disorders to quell their neuro-cognitive and psycho-social conundrums. Currently, he is working as a founder member in CCRTB and coordinating activities concerning mental healthcare aspects of cancer patients. Also, he is working as a departmental editor in an online Bangla magazine BODHODOY. He is an affiliated member of Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society and alumni of Faujdarhat Cadet College and MentEd (a supported enterprise of OxHub). Apart from that, he is an avid science communicator. He became one of the national finalists in the FameLab (3-minutes science communication competition) in 2019 organized by British Council. Due to his contribution toward the field of neuropsychology in Bangladesh, he was awarded Gandhi International Fellowship Award in 2018.