Cancer Care & Research Trust Bangladesh

 is a humanity-inspired voluntary movement to extend support for cancer patients. The Trust is a non-government, non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, and charitable organization. It shall perform its activities, to the best of its efforts, in the interest of the Cancer Patients regardless of race, religion, color, gender, and nationalities.


Our vision is to enable people to face cancer with valor, instill confidence in cancer patients during their journey, and enhance the capabilities of the cancer researchers by providing necessary supports.


CCRT Bangladesh will work to create awareness among general people with necessary information about cancer, provide care and counsel to the cancer patients and their caregivers, enhance research capabilities by connecting all stakeholders, and stipulate consultancy to the policy makers and development partners. By 2030, CCRT aims for a paradigm shift in the understanding, management, and treatment of cancer in Bangladesh.


The objectives, purposes, and activities for which the Trust is constituted are:

  • To support cancer patients with information and counseling;
  • To establish a trustworthy platform for the people having the eagerness to contribute to the welfare of the society;
  • To raise and distribute funds for research;
  • To facilitate collaboration among researchers and clinicians;
  • To work with governments and semi-governmental organizations to influence policies and legislation related to achieving the objectives set forth herein – work for awareness and promotions with the positive campaign;
  • To work for awareness and promotions with positive campaigns;
  • To cooperate with other non-profit and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in fundraising and sharing resources, including established set-ups, to implement its projects and programs;