Palliative Care

Under Palliative care initiative, CCRTB aims to create significant footsteps in health care delivery with palliative care that sees the person beyond the disease. Building a palliative care ecosystem is one of our principle goals to relieve or ease the symptoms, and the suffering of individuals and their families who face a life-limiting illness that can be approached by meeting emotional, spiritual, and practical needs.

The field of palliative care has shown stunning growth over the last 15 years. Today, more than 1,700 hospitals with 50+ beds have a palliative care team, and palliative care is spreading beyond the hospital into community settings where people with serious illnesses actually live and need care (CAPC, 2021).

Our services may include planning for a safe transfer to home or healthcare giver institutions through partnerships in the community. The focus of this service to provide relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness while also improving the quality of life for both the cancer patients and the patient’s family.

Our care-giving system will be adopted with the modern E—healthcare or online-based caregiving procedures. Upon referral to palliative care, in most cases, patients receive palliative care in a hospital setting, but services can also be delivered in a patient’s home, a hospice, or a long-term care facility where our team will operate.