our Research

Cancer care and Research Trust (CCRTB) is dedicated to providing all types of support to make game-changing discoveries in cancer prevention, treatments, detection and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

Cancer research is very important part of Clinical, Public Health and Laboratory Research area. It is a type of research into cancer to identify causes, method & develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Area of Focus

1.Community Oncology or Public Health Oncology Research
2.Clinical Oncology Research
3.Surgical Oncology Research
4.Molecular Oncology / Bioscience Research
5.Detection and Diagnosis Research
6.Therapeutic Oncology Research, including
        a).Immunotherapy Research
        b).Hormone therapy Research
        c).Chemotherapy Research
        d).Gene therapy Research
         e).Psychotherapy/ Palliative care Research
7.Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering Research
8.Childhood cancer