Patient Counselling

Cancer Care and Research Trust Bangladesh has established itself as a single platform to provide all the necessary care and support towards the valiant cancer warriors. Team CCRT’B has a promising psychological team and self-help team working for this objective. One can also find hotline numbers in our support group sub-menu helpful to reach out for professional help at any time.

Psychological team by CCRT’B: In the moment of difficulties, sharing the distressed feelings with the closed ones always helps to alleviate the emotional burden. But not all people are lucky enough to have this blessing. Also, sometimes the circumstances make it hard for the caregivers to be constantly inspiring and empathetic. In this situation, talking to someone who is trained to listen, understand and provide a fresh perspective to the situation can be the most helpful solution.

We have a benevolent team to specially guide women with lifestyle improvement, menopausal symptoms and fertility problems after cancer treatment. A support team exclusive to child cancer patients and their families are also incorporated  in the program to help them with their nutrition, mental development activity and socialization. Our psychologists are also intended to help with managing anxiety, fear and returning to work or study after surviving cancer.

To be brief, our expert psychologist’s team will help you to adjust to the emotional and psychological challenges of cancer with extreme care and professionalism.

Self help team by CCRT B:  CCRT B is aiming to create a consolidated platform of people where cancer patients, survivors, family members and caregivers can communicate and share their experiences with each other. This platform can act as a secure place to reveal one’s own experience and work through it. It helps them to learn from others with similar situations and ignites a sense of assurance in them. This group may help someone to find practical coping strategies which can be useful along with the professional advice. Given that, one can feel uncomfortable sharing his/her experience in a group, he/she has the freedom to choose someone to talk to individually.