Patient Support Group

What is a support group?

Support group for cancer patients is assumed to be a pragmatic consideration for the development and implementation of cancer survivorship plans. This group is mostly led by professional peers and designed to offer a variety of help specified to the needs of a particular person. For ex: the group audience may include patients with breast cancer, lung cancer etc, or it may include caregivers or people with cancer at a certain age. All of them require support at different levels from different perspectives. Support groups ensure that these individuals receive their desired services in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Support groups by CCRT B: Our dedicated volunteer support groups are always ready to help the cancer patients and their relatives. We are committed to help cancer patients and all the services are free of cost and remain confidential. Our support groups are assigned as:

    1. Patient Support Groups –Clinical Trials, Screening and many ways
    2. Social Worker Groups – Provide information about health management in our country and abroad.
    3. Survivor Support Groups.