Patient Support Group

Patient Support Groups

The cancer patients have to go through different types of diagnostic tests depending on their age, type of cancer and the stage of their diseases. Our patient support group has a purposive approach to provide a proper understanding about diagnostic procedure. It precludes any kind of misconception or conservative pronation of the patient and his family about the procedures and helps to take speedy steps by them.  Patient support group will try to help in the following ways-

  • Screening procedure: Routine screening can help one to detect cancer before the symptoms appear and before they have had a chance to grow and spread. Our support team will help to screen breast and colon cancer by taking considerations of age, gender, family history and other factors.
  • Clinical trials: Clinical trials are research based studies involving new drugs, medical devices, medical treatments or other procedures to improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer. Mostly, laboratory tested drugs or procedures that look promising will be cautiously tested on people by CCRT B’s expert team members. It allows patients to avail new kinds of treatment or therapies that may be unavailable to them generally. Sometimes clinical trials help to discover an advanced level therapy or drug which may be required considering a patient’s unique health condition. Our team will perform their task after taking consent from the person being tested. This may involve more paper works and check-ups than usual. We will ensure that the person to be participated in the trial is well-informed about the detailed
    cause, pros and cons of the proceedings, risks included and the possible outcomes.