Sezanur Rahman


Sezanur Rahman is a molecular virology researcher, currently working in Virology Laboratory of icddr,b (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh). He was born and raised at Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh. He completed his BSc in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering from Islamic University, Kushtia and MSc in Biotechnology from North South University, Dhaka. After completing M.Sc. he joined Virology Laboratory of icddr,b; later, he visited the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden for working on ‘HIV-1 genomics’. His primary role was to use the molecular epidemiological approach to characterise the viruses, epidemic, and transmission dynamics based on genetic make-up. He is passionate about humanitarian works from student life. He is a co-founder of voluntary organisation, Tarunno (std. 2009, operating in IU and JSTU), and Swapno (std. 2013, operating in 30 districts of Bangladesh). He is a founding member of CCRTB and wants to do research related to virus and cancer.