Patient Support Group

Social worker groups by CCRT B

Social support has a positive association with cancer patient’s wellbeing and emotional adjustment. Therefore, CCRT B’s support group also covers a team of compassionate social workers who will support you and/or your family members, caregiver throughout the entire journey. They will work as a medium from both the patient’s end and the medical team’s end. 

Activities of CCRTB’s social worker group:

  • The social workers will maintain effective communications with health care providers related to the patient’s psychosocial and psychiatric needs. They will maintain a positive working relationship with the physicians, nurses and treatment teams to develop and deliver the patient an optimal care.
  • Our social worker group will prepare documentation regarding each patient’s daily assessment. The documentation will contain accurate and crucial information about the assessment; which will give the physician a proper understanding of the patient’s condition and help him in providing an apt medical care.
  • Our social worker team can also advocate for your financial and legal support and edify you.( If any specific plan related to this is available, please add it here).
  • If required, this team will help you arrange a family meeting to converse all the details of the treatment plan and to assist in reaching a point of comprehension.
  • A wide range of community services are available for cancer patients. Our social workers will help you to decide which services are required for your case and how to reach them. It will help you to save up on your time and cost.
  • The members will also ensure an expediting hospital discharge for patients without any hassle.
  • Finally, this group members will always be ready to serve any deceased patient’s family to make all the immediate arrangements.