Patient Support Group

Survivor Support Group by CCRTB

Once cancer is completely uprooted, it doesn’t deny the chance of cancer remission. Moreover, cancer treatment may lead to long-term health issues, such as chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders. Thus, it is imperative to introduce a cancer survivor to the aftermesures of cancer treatment. Henceforth, CCRT B has a virtuous team to support a person through his survivorship.

Services by survivor support group:

  • Redeem the lifestyle: Our survivorship support program is designed to maintain your health and improve your quality of life after surviving cancer. Our plan includes a healthy diet and nutrition, routine exercise, relaxing activities, spiritual and habitual guidelines to start afresh and enjoy life.
  • Follow-up care: There is a follow-up scheme to assist you in managing the side-effects. Follow-up care allows your doctor to identify changes in your medical condition and provide recommendations according to that. Our team will prepare your specific survivorship care plan, including how often you should see your doctor and what to expect at these visits.
  • Become an active persona: You should be the key player in your own well- being. We will prepare you for self-management of your daily pursuits; like taking care of your prescribed medicines, assessing any kind of new symptoms, consulting with your physician or caregiver yourself, having command on your fear and stress, finding new hobbies, etc. Overall, we will help you to have a confident image and positive outlook all around.
  • Relationship matters: Your friends and family can sometimes be overprotective concerning your condition or may be their activities will constantly remind you about cancer which you may like or not. Survivor support team members are there to accompany you to govern your emotions and to be articulate about your feelings to others. Along with this, we will have a directory function towards your family members and friends regarding this or any other type of instance.
  • Show up in mental combat: Surviving cancer can give a life-long trauma which can be hard to cure even after cancer is defeated. The fear of cancer reemergence can arise from time to time. Sometimes your close ones are too overwhelmed to handle you. Situations like these need a kind gesture and warm presence of a listener or advisor. We are one phone call away to lead an ear to you and stand up for you.