Airin Gulshan


Airin Gulshan, was born at Sylhet, Bangladesh. She is an undergraduate student of Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Sylhet Agricultural University. She has been serving as a founding member of CCRTB. This research enthusiastic lady currently working on projects similar to “Bioinformatics and Computational Biology” and several research teams. She is cheerful to travel, connect with new cultures. She is currently working with several non-profitable organizations for human welfare. She dreams to turn Bangladesh as “The Biotech Star” for research, discovering therapeutics, Biotech Companies in this field by the grace of almighty Allah. However, she was 1st prize winner in “Athletics” in her school and university for several years. She has a fascinating presentation, leadership skills and was champion of “Science Talk Competition”. Besides, she loves to make short film, playing Chess and cooking.